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Monday, October 24, 2016
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     September has arrived.  The weather is a bit cooler and the days are becoming a little shorter.  Football is in full swing and Fall is almost here.  This is the beginning of my favorite time of year.  With this change in season, we have also begun a new Sunday School year which always presents new opportunities.  If you are not currently involved in a Sunday School class, I would encourage you to find one to participate in.  I have believed for many years the Sunday School is the life blood of the local church.  A healthy church has healthy Sunday School classes.  The more church members involved in a Sunday School class, the healthier the church.  There is no substitute for small group Bible study like Sunday School.  Sure, we can read the Bible for ourselves; we can read commentaries along with many other Bible helps, but there is something special about being immersed in small group fellowship.  Find a class and get plugged in this Sunday. 


            September also marks the beginning of a new sermon series.  We have finished the Gospel of Luke and began working our way through the book of Jonah.  Even though it is a small book, Jonah can be tough to digest (yes, pun intended).  Jonah is a book which causes us to take a hard look at our individual relationship with God.  Jonah challenges us to examine our priorities in our lives and in our church.  Jonah is very much intended to be a call to mission priority.  What does this mean?  The book of Jonah calls us to look outside of ourselves, our homes, our church building, and into the world to see where God is working and then follow Him there.  So far we have looked at where we are running — either away from God’s will or into His presence.  We have also examined what it means to fear God — allowing God to be first and foremost in our lives.  The next few weeks will challenge us to the place of priority we place on sharing the Gospel with those around us.  If you have missed the past few weeks, I would encourage you to listen to the sermon audio found on our website under the media tab.  God has been challenging me through this little book, and I am sure He will challenge you as well.  


            I am excited about what God has in store for us together here at Pawhuska 1st Baptist in the year 2016 and beyond!  God has brought us all here together at this time for a mighty work.  Be in constant prayer for discernment for understanding of what this work is.  Greater things are yet to be done in this city…”  Be constant in prayer.  Be actively seeking the welfare of Pawhuska (Jeremiah 29:4-9).  Together we must, “Touch the World…Impact Eternity.”  In our mission and ministry at Pawhuska FBC, we must truly put Pawhuska First!  It is in our name.  It is our mission.    


In Service for Him,


Bro. Jeff Laughlin     



















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